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Life Coaching is the 2nd fastest growth industry in the world and has been for the last 3-years. This explosive growth in Life Coaching is due to the amazing results that are being achieved around the world by people and corporations applying coaching principals. Early in 2000, the Sydney Morning Herald, ranked Personal Coaching as the second fastest growth industry in the US, after Information Technology.

Due to the surge of interest in Life Coaching, Australia is now enjoying the phenomenal growth rates that the US and UK experienced approximately 7 to 10 years ago. This represents a wonderful opportunity if you are planning to formalise your skills and enter the field of coaching. Right now in the US and Canada up to 40% of Fortune 500 executives have a coach and research in Australia indicates that our executives and business leaders are following close behind this trend.

Back in 2001 (just when coaching was starting to hit the headlines in Australia as the next business opportunity) the Leadership, Employment and Direction Survey by Leadership Management Australia and conducted by Quantum Market Research identified that almost 20% of Australian Business Leaders and 10% of Senior Executives were already working with a coach. The 2003 survey discovered that 67% of Business Leaders and 65% of Senior Executives had experienced mentoring or coaching in their career and that 45% of employees have a mentor or coach in their current role.

The 2004 Leadership, Employment and Direction Survey discovered that Senior Managers now list "developing and coaching others” in their top 5 leadership competencies list.

It's therefore realistic to predict, based on this trend, that in the next few years over 50% of Business Leaders and Senior Executives throughout this country will have a coach. And this trend is not limited to the business sector. Similar growth patterns are also being experienced in the personal coaching fields including life, life cycle and health & wellness.

So what exactly is coaching? Well it"s a professional relationship between a trained coach and a client. Coaches assist and empower people, organisations or teams through a structured and professional process, to achieve a desired goal or outcome.

Coaches assist people from all walks of life, including executives, business owners, sales people and anyone else with the desire to reach for their goals and unlock their true potential.

A Coach is a client’s ultimate ally. They are singularly focused on working with their client to establish better goals, inspire them to achieve more, empower them with the practical and philosophical tools to do so, motivate them to sustain focus and steer them towards success.

Coaches assist clients to develop a plan to bridge the gap between where the client is now and where the client would like to be. Client goals can vary a great deal from personal goals such as attaining a greater level of personal fulfilment; professional goals such as achieving certain business benchmarks; sporting goals such as attaining a level of competence and achievement; and family goals which may include leading a more stress-free family life. A professionally trained Coach can empower their client to attain all this and more in their lives.

You Have The Power To Change People's Lives

As a trained Life Coach you will have the skills to bring about positive change in peoples lives. Life Coaching is a powerfully fulfilling career. You will be able to assist clients overcome seemingly impossible barriers to fulfil lifelong ambitions.

Clearly, developing your skills now and qualifying with a nationally recognised qualification will position you to service this growing business and community wide trend. You’ll be able to take advantage of this high demand for coaching services and springboard your career and lifestyle to new heights of enjoyment, fulfilment and satisfaction.

cert iv life coaching diploma life coaching
When I decided to become a Wellness Coach, I knew that I needed to obtain a nationally recognised formal qualification. After much research I chose the Life Coaching Institute Australia. The course provided a highly effective and focused approach to help when it was time to establish my own coaching business. Now I have the knowledge and skills to help clients in reaching their goals.

Joy Whyburn
Joy of Wellness Coaching
Professional Life, Health and
Wellness Coach
I completed both the Certificate IV and the Diploma Life Coaching Courses and found them both very educational. The ease of studying self-paced from home was essential to me, while I still received support and encouragement from teachers and other students. I enjoyed the experience and use the skills learned every day in my own practice.

Tracy Combe
Executive Assistant

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